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NewStars Startup Weekend

NewStars is a startup weekend hoste by Iranian E-commerce scientific association in conjunction with Fasm Company concentrating on E-commerce, E-business, and E-banking and their applications in industry sectors. This event will be held for the first time in june 2018. NewStars not only focus on key concepts, which were neglected in previous events, but fully supports the entrepreneurs to achieve their ultimate goals.

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NewStars Hosts

To begine, Register in website and send yor idea.

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IRIB International Conference Center.

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Financial funds

To winners


Full support to commercialize the Idea


Full support to commercialize the Idea


Full support to commercialize the Idea


Full support to commercialize the Idea

Full support to commercialize the Idea

Full support to commercialize the Idea

Full support to commercialize the Idea

Full support to commercialize the Idea

  • "A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed,".

    Neil Blumenthal Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Warby Parker
  • A startup is not just about the idea: it's about testing and then implementing the idea. A founding team without these skills is likely dead on arrival.

    Steve Blank
  • “The Startup Way is an indispensable resource for companies, big and small, looking for faster, more sustainable ways to grow.”

    Eric Ries CEO at Long-Term Stock Exchange


Startups need to pay 50$ in order to apply for NewStars event.

Starts on

June, 2018 we meet you in NewStars


In NewStars we will host 120 startup teams.


Workshops will be held alongside with NewStars.

Operation Team


Hanie Ranjbar

Marie Barati

Atefe Shahrokhi

Mohsen Mohamad-Ghasemi

Mohamad Khajezade

Mahdi yadegari

Mohamad Ali Mahmoodyar

Maryam Yahyaei

Mahsa Faridi

Fateme Moradzade

Nadia Reza-Soltani

Mahnaz Aghajani

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